Energy Efficiency and Regulation

Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels Programme is designed to ensure that only appliances that meet minimum energy efficiency standards enter the Ghanaian market. In accordance with the provisions of the Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling.

Appliance manufacturers who export to Ghana and retailers who sell in Ghana are obliged to display a label which indicates the energy efficiency rating of the product before the first retail sale.

It is an offence under LI1815 to import, display for sale or sell Air Conditioners and Compact Fluorescent Lamps in Ghana unless they meet the minimum performance standards and are properly labelled

  • Remember the more stars on the label the more energy efficient the product.
  • Always look for the Efficiency Label.
  • If a product is not labeled, it is probably not energy efficient.

The Energy Commission has developed an electricity distribution code. The purpose of the Distribution Code is to ensure that the distribution network provides fair, transparent, nondiscriminatory, safe, reliable, secure and cost efficient delivery of electrical energy.

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The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) sets the tariff, in consultation with key stakeholders comprising the generators, distributors and the representatives of major consumers. It is an independent body and not subject to the control of any authority in the performance of its functions.

Electricity supply is divided into bulk electricity (transmission level) and final electricity (distribution level). The country runs a block end user tariff system for electricity reaching all classes of consumers. The sum of the bulk supply tariff (BST) and the distribution service charge (DSC) is the End User Tariff (EUT) charged by the distribution companies. The End User Tariff is classified largely into industry, commercial (non-residential) and residential customers.

The PURC offers a toll-free contact number, 0800 100 700, for customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) to seek information or make complaints and have concerns addressed promptly.

Data on energy statistics and reports on the energy sector is available on the energy commission website. Click the link to view

Approved Charges to Access On-Grid Connections (ECG)

1 - Phase 3 - Phase
Straight Service 1,020.00 1,920.00
1 – Pole Extension 2,920.00 4,420.00
2 – Pole Extension 4,520.00 6,720.00
Straight Service with Pole 2,120.00 3,020.00
Separate Meter 700.00 1,300.00
Post SHEP Straight 100.00 200.00
Additional Load 1,000.00 1,900.00
1,920.00 1 – Pole Extension 2,920.00
Meter Replacement Free Free
Temporary Supply 800.00 1,500.00
Internal Monitoring 700.00 1,600.00